How To Fundraise

How to Fundraise for the Charleston Ride for Hope (FAQ’s)

I am having a hard time raising the required amount of $500 for the 30 mile or 100k ride.

First off it can be done and it does take some effort. Keep in mind 20 donations of $25 gets you there or 50 donations of $10 does so as well. The simplest way is an email, Facebook or Social media blast to your friends, acquaintances and co-workers. Many time this does this trick right off the bat and then some!!

Why the “high price” to do the Charleston Ride for Hope?

We have discussed this many times at our Board meetings and as a group, we could have a lower entry fee and more riders, but we are here to make a difference and raise significant dollars to fight cancer. We are not just another bike ride to see how fast you can do a 100k in with your buddies. Also, we try to make sure it is worth it to those that make the effort with a great packaged of goodies for participants. The swag we provide are custom full zip jersey, t-shirt, socks, water bottle, lunch, great raffles and prizes, music and celebrity riders. We challenge you to compare our Ride to others and our fundraising totals, dollar for dollar, rider per rider, and the value you get for your efforts to any other ride event in the country.

Are there other ways to help me get to the $500 mark in fundraising?

First, most of our fundraising comes from local businesses. Ask your employer to sponsor you. It is tax deductible to them, it helps the health and wellness of your company and it is great PR in the community. Many times, there are matching programs, where all your efforts are doubled, thus getting you to your goal that much quicker.

Next, there are many sites that can enhance your fundraising efforts, our registration partner, can help you develop a webpage and blast this via Facebook. Other social media businesses such as Give Loud.cpm,,, as well as a host of others on the Internet via a Google search will enhance your efforts.


The main thing is to make the effort, fight the fight and realize how fortunate we all are compared to those with cancer. We are trying to help others to fight cancer, and to raise money in our local community via the cancer charities that battle daily for remission, recovery, peace and comfort.