Craig Lewis – Charleston Ride For Hope

We are pleased to announce that Craig Lewis is scheduled to be at the 2011 Charleston Ride for Hope.

Here is some information about Craig:

Craig is young and is a great climbing talent. He was US National road and criterium champion in 2006 and had a successful season in 2007 winning the overall at Tour de l’Avenir and placing 6th at the Tour of Ireland. He has a positive attitude and shows great promise as a young American rider with an excellent commitment to the team and strong time trial potential.

“What I love most about riding is the freedom,” Craig says, “When I was a kid it was a way from me to get out of the house, and today it is still the same. When I am on the bike I am completely relaxed and am only thinking about one thing, getting better”

In November 2009, Craig and HTC-Highroad team-mates Ina-Yoko Teutenberg and Evelyn Stevens travelled to Peru as ambassadors for Right To Play, the team’s long-standing charitable partner. “It was an amazing experience and a real eye-opener,” Craig remembers. “We visited really poor communities, with no running water, and it was really humbling to see how happy people could still make themselves happy without all of that, especially coming from a place like America. It was also great to see the difference a charity like Right To Play can make.”

The 2010 Giro d’Italia was Craig’s first major tour – but won’t be his last. While many young riders emerge from their first three-week race in a state of mild trauma and severe fatigue, Craig was pleasantly surprised to finish the race in good health and spirits. “I actually enjoyed it,” he says. “It taught me that I recover well and that, in future, I might be able to something in the general classification in those races.”

“I really believe Team High Road is the best team in the World and is the best team for a young rider like myself to develop. I love they philosophy that Bob and the rest of the staff have for the sport. I know in this atmosphere we will all feed off of each other and have great success as a whole.”