Testimonials from Survivors and Our Ride

To All: I rode in the Jerry Zucker Ride for Hope this past weekend representing the Intertech Group and TIGHITCO. More importantly for me was that I rode for my friend and colleague $Bill Faragher who recently died of stage 4 lung cancer. My recent trip to Connecticut was to attend his memorial service on Saturday then return home to ride in the Jerry Zucker Ride for Hope in his honor yesterday (i.e., Sunday). The irony of life is that 3 months ago he was planning to come to Charleston to ride with me – but we all know that life takes its own course and happens. I was given the cycling jersey that Bill purchased specifically to ride with me in the Jerry Zucker Ride for Hope by Terry (i.e., Bill’s wife) to wear yesterday as I rode the 65 miles. To me life is about meaning, purpose, and spirit – Bill will always be with me in spirit. Pictures attached of the ride and memorial service.


To everyone with Charleston Elves,

Thank you, thank you, thank you, so much from the bottom of our hearts for all that you did for our girls for Christmas. Having a child with cancer turns your world completely upside down. You can’t focus, you can’t think of anything else besides cancer. Your family lives cancer almost 24/7 and for us it has been 2 1/2 years. I am happy to say though that Hailey had her last dose of chemo on December 15 and is now in complete remission! The next 6 months are critical for her with relapse then we have to get to a year and so forth. She still has numerous health issues from the effects of the chemo that hopefully in time will get better. So even though she is done with chemo we are still a long way from having to be done with Dr.’s and clinic visits. Both Hannah and Taylor have been such troopers through all this and have never complained once. They know that this is our life, this is what we have to do and they have made huge sacrifices for their sister without ever flinchin

We are so thankful to have organizations like the Charleston Elves that want to shop for our kids, donate and give. I can’t even begin to explain the huge difference it makes! When cancer is your life you don’t have time to shop because of having a sick child at home, you don’t have time to think much less think out a Christmas list and shop and then because of the financial demands having a child with cancer puts on a family you can’t afford things like Christmas. Y’all put smiles on my girls faces this year, huge smiles of a Christmas they will never forget!!! They said numerous times that this was the best Christmas ever, they were so thankful for everything they received and have had so much fun playing with everything they got.

Thank you again Charleston Elves, – Ted, Trish, Hannah, Taylor and Hailey S.

Dear Charleston Elves –

First off I cannot tell you how much it was appreciated that Gavin got to have a normal Christmas this year because of his latest scan results. His oncologist called before Christmas and notified us that his scans look great! We are elated!!! His last appointment was January 3rd for a check up and we have the all clear!!!! Gavin is officially disease free!!!! What a wonderful Christmas holiday for us. Secondly… Our Christmas wouldn’t have been anything if it weren’t for kind hearted people such as yourself for donating not only your time but your money as well to make sure families like ours have a better Christmas after such a devastating diagnosis. Gavin loved the generous gifts from wonderful people like you and being his parents we couldn’t thank you enough. Especially donating gifts to our unborn child as well, who was actually evicted by cesarean on January 9th. Grayson Edwin was born weighing 8 pounds 6 Oz and 21.5 inch long! The diapers and toys were very well needed and appreciated. My husband and I could not be any more grateful to generous souls such as yourself. Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts.

Syrina & Jessy S.

Dear Charleston Elves,

I don’t think saying Thank you is enough! You all helped make Christmas what it should be for these kids! My 3 children, I know had a great Christmas. All 3 of them got bikes this year and they were so excited! It has been so cold that they haven’t gotten a lot of time on them yet but there isn’t too many days that go bye that we don’t get outside (even for just a few minutes) to ride a little. Hunter got a Ipod and that was his top gift he asked for. He is able to text and keep in touch with family and friends that we don’t see often. That has been a huge blessing for him. He is a very quite kid but he will text and interact on it more easy than face to face. Thank you for making him feel important! Chloe got so much that I don’t know where to start 🙂 Clothes and shoes and the little fashion show we had to sit through as she tried everything on. She got lots of jewelry making kits too and I have wore lots of her creations. Maybe a future jewelry designer, what she has made is very good! Ally has loved her new books she got. We read all the time and she doesn’t leave home without at least one of them. Play dough, Play dough and more Play dough! Her most favorite thing to do is play with play dough. She has made animals, and shapes even some food. Plus she gets everyone involved when she plays with it. She asks everyone to come to the table and we all start making things. Then she gets to feel and guess what we made. Been a great family time activity!

We were able to get stocking stuffers with the gift card that was included in all the gifts. That is my favorite memory of my childhood! I was able to open my stocking first if no one was awake! Always personal items and real thought that goes into the stuffers. So making it possible that I could do that was very very special to me! So again saying Thank you isn’t enough. There was some money left on the gift card so we took turns taking the kids shopping and let them pick things out for siblings and us. They thought that was the best thing ever! I am very blessed with great kids and giving them a chance to shop for someone else was a gift in its self! When they woke up that was what they wanted to do first was pass out what they had bought to each other and then to us. Very sweet kids. Most kids are too worried about what they got but not mine they wanted to give! Makes a mom proud! Your generosity to not just my family but all the families you help is what Christmas is all about! And being able to make that possible for my children to give to others and be happy to give not just receive in something I will never forget! Thank You so much for all the work you put into putting smiles on my kids faces for the holidays!

God bless,

The Wilson Family

 Dear Elves –

The Vega boys had an amazing Christmas When they woke up Christmas morning they could not believe there eyes. All three of my boys were yelling and screaming “We got everything we wanted” all of the video games and Legos. My boys go into fantasy land when they play there video games it distracts them from the real pain and kayos we have going on at home. It has been so hard for us to afford any extras the past few years with all of the medical bills and with me being out of work for months at a time because of the treatment that my son is undergoing. We are so grateful because all of the kind hearted people that donated to our awesome organization Courageous kidz !!! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts !! Take care

Dear Charleston Elves,

I just wanted to take a minute and thank you so much for the generosity shown our family at Christmas time. It literally wouldn’t have been Christmas without your support. The kids were absolutely thrilled with the gifts and very much appreciate your kindness as well. You did a wonderful job picking out items they would love. I couldn’t keep up with them as they opened the gifts! They were so happy to receive items that they have been wanting for some time. Facing the reality of cancer doesn’t take a holiday unfortunately and can be overwhelming to figure out how to provide Christmas while maintaining treatments and prescriptions. We are humbled and grateful for the gifts. We had no idea of the blessing to be bestowed on our family! I cannot thank you enough for your generosity!!

We tried to take lots of pictures so you could share the excitement and joy; unfortunately with Lily coming home late afternoon on Christmas Eve it was very hectic. Thank God we did not have to spend Christmas in the hospital though. I hope you can see the joy that we felt that morning. I hope you have a great New Year!

To whom this may concern:

This was the best Christmas ever thanks to the Charleston Elves. Without the help of yall we would not have been able to have this kind of Christmas due to all we have been through. Bailey is doing good. Still having to drive to Charleston for chemo treatments. It has been tough on us with medical bills, gas money to drive back and forth to Charleston and ob top of that the normal bills we have. Thanks for all you have done to help our family out this Christmas. Thanks for helping us put smiles on our girls face. Please continue to keep our family in your prayers as we still go through this journey with Bailey.

Love, The Turners

Dear Elves –

We wanted to take the time to thank everyone for making this Christmas a very blessed one! The kids were excited and that made us happy! We are thankful for every toy shoes jackets and clothing received!!!

This year was a difficult year, and it makes us more grateful and appreciative if every day, everyone, and everything!!

Happy Holidays!

Charleston Elves –

Thank you so much for the wonderful Christmas my children had. As a mother you will never understand how much I appreciate the joy my children had on that day. It brought tears to my eyes to see how happy and clueless they were. They were pleased with every single gift. They are having such a good time with it every day. So again thank u so much. That took so much stress off us, so please understand how much that meant to me and may GOD continue to bless you so you may continue to bless others. Love,

The Johnson Family

Dear Elves –

Words cannot possibly explain how grateful we are to the Charleston Elves. After a year of such hardship and struggles, you were able to bring huge smiles to our kids which is all we want from them, a time of happiness and for each of them to be happy for themselves. JD, the oldest could not believe he got the Nintendo 64, which is by far his most favorite thing. He was also excited at the gift cards to gamestop, for the Xbox and iPod as he has been wanting games and apps that he can now get. Without you, this couldn’t have happened. For Payton, our survivor and middle child, he was literally speechless at what Santa brought. When asked what his favorite thing was, he replied “everything”! He couldn’t believe he got a little bit of everything he asked for and more! And then of course Carson, the youngest. While he is still not fully talking, the excitement in his squeals and laughter said it all! The Charleston Elves brought so much joy to our kids! We are so very appreciative and we know we are blessed beyond measure that our kids Christmas ended up being a great one. Thank you for having such a huge heart, not only for my family, but for all of us that you helped. I have pics attached, Carson is a fast one to catch as he’s always on the move. I hope y’all can get an idea of how happy they are and the after effects:-)

Thank you from The Dominick’s

Dear Elves –

Our family would like to say THANK YOU SO MUCH to Courageous Kids and The Charleston Elves for the amazing gifts you provided this year for our son. Isaac had a great Christmas despite a very difficult time that we were experiencing. He got everything that he wanted from Santa and more, and we are so grateful to have been included in this blessing. Thanks again, so very, very much!!!”

The Schnarr-Miller family

Dear Charleston Elves,

Thank you so much for helping make Ashton’s Christmas a great Christmas. He loved all his gifts (tablet, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles nun chucks, the River Dog items & the gift card)! His favorite gift was the tablet he received which was all he would take a picture with lol. We are so grateful for the gifts he received and the gift card we received that helped us have an awesome Christmas dinner. Thank you just doesn’t seem enough. May God bless you all!!!


Ashton L. and Family

Dear Charleston Elves

First off let me start by saying a great big THANK YOU!!! This past year was completely awful!! But with the compassionate and giving hearts of the Charleston elves my five children had a fantastic Christmas that other wise they would not of gotten. There really is no words to describe how grateful and blessed my family was to have y’all having our backs this year!!! I am still trying to get the pictures to you so you could see how excited my children were but I am having equipment malfunctions on that part. To hear my kids say this was by far the best Christmas they had ever had was truly incredible!!!! It brought tears to our eyes because we knew that without the help we received it would not of been possible to hear those words!!

Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts!!!

Kathrine C. and family