Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is the Ride for Hope asking for $500 in fund raising to do the Ride? Seems like a lot, most rides are less expensive?

We appreciate your input and this is an issue we considered at length by the Board members in our first year and despite a $500 entry fee, we had 140 riders and raised almost $90,000.00 in a difficult economy (2008).

Several issues to consider:
a) The purpose of the Ride is to raise money, not vice versa, we have held and will continue to hold to that purpose. We had a much smaller rider count than a lot of larger events, yet we donated much more to charity versus other larger rides.

b) We try to give value to our ride. Our 2009 packet contains, socks, Hincapie jersey(topnotch jersey, not a cheapo), tshirt, water bottle, aid stations with food and water and qualified personnel, and lunch. Also, we raffled off 3 bicycles(each over $1000 in value), and multiple other prizes. This year we hope to improve on the packet and giveaways.

c) Raising money is about making an effort, not just jumping on to a weekend ride. It will take effort and money to beat this disease, pure and simple. Bluntly put, people oftentimes do not what to make an effort, they just want to ride. I have heard the complaint from all levels of society. $500 is not a lot, but it does take effort. If you contact 20 people and ask for $25 each then you are at your goal. Last year (2008) we had a Navy soldier raise $3500 and a student at the Citadel raised $900.

d) Unfunded slots are available for the ride. They must be submitted with justification/reason for the slot to dlcherry@aol.com.

How do I get a tax receipt for my donation?

These are done upon request.  Please email us a request to dlcherry@aol.com and we will send you one.

I would like to be a sponsor, how do I do so?

Thanks so much, we are glad for your offer, please check out the levels on our Become A Sponsor page and send your request to dlcherry@aol.com.  We love our sponsors and all they do for us!!!

We would like to apply to be the recipient of the funds raised by the Charleston Ride for Hope?

Please send your request to dlcherry@aol.com, the reason for your request, and the amount you desire for your charity.  We do all distributions from the Ride at the first of the year following the prior year’s Ride.

Do you help individuals with cancer?

Our mission is to raise money to help local Charleston, SC charities.  The charities can then get the money to those that most need it.  We do not currently help individuals directly, but please go to our list of charity recipients (Benefactors) and they may be able to help you or someone you know directly.

How do you decide how much the charities receive from the funds raised by the Ride?

The Board decides the distributions and charities.  They look at charities that are in need, those that have helped the Ride, and how well they have or will be a steward with the money from the Ride.

What are your numbers, IE how much do you spend, and how much do you donate?

We are very conscious of trying to give as much of every dollar donated back to local Charleston Cancer Charities.  All of our Board are volunteers and we have no paid employees.  We are committed to being good stewards of what we have been given. We still try to save as much as we can by getting discounts, elbow grease, and lots of wonderful volunteers.  Per the guidelines of the Secretary of State of South Carolina, we would fall into the angel’s category for charities.

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I hope I have answered your questions. Ultimately, it is your option to choose to not do the Ride and we respect that choice.

– Dawson Cherry